There are many types of buildings that could be used for people to settle down such as an apartment, house, condo, and real estate, but if we are asked what the real estate, the most likely we do not know. Real Estate Agents Mayfield Real estate is the properties that belong to a person or group and consists of land, the building, and the natural resources contained therein such as minerals, water, and vegetation. All the contents in the building such as personal assets, vehicles or other objects that exist after the building were also included in the category of real estate properties. In general, better known as residential construction but the developer added. Thus we know the real estate and construction. To be able to stay in the real estate we have to wait for the building offered no when sellers do. It is already quite reasonable where the developers have had land but there has been no building or construction on it. In this case, the developer has a concept to be applied to the land they have. Not only the concept of building houses but also the facilities and everything that will be built on the land real estates such as parks, sports facilities, swimming pool, and others.

If people ask what it was construction, we probably would have thought if it was a skeleton of the building and it was not true. Broadly, the construction is a building that functioned building activities for the common good but for one particular region. In this very clear if the construction is made for every person living in residential real estate. The concept of the construction made by a constructor. Not only makes the concept but the constructors also oversee from the beginning until the end so that nothing is missed. If there is a problem in the construction process so a constructor must take responsibility to solve it. Developers are leaders in this project so that they have full control of the constructor.